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The drones dispartion écologiste history in France

The drones dispartion écologiste history in France The last revolt of bumblebees
The drones dispartion écologiste history in France

The last revolt of bumblebees

For millennia, every spring, without knowing it, without drawing glory or recognition, the bumblebees gave the world the magic of successful pollination. Most fruit trees benefited from the service of insects to carry pollen to ensure fertilization of the flowers that were being turned into fruit.
Then came this year. One day, experience or genetic mutation of an independent scientist, no one knows, "a form of intelligence" came to bumblebees. Venerated in the same way as "insects above, the following year they created unions, succeeded easily enroll all eligible operations insect pollination, announced their desire for a discussion with fruit growers and representatives of States .
Within a year, they had even managed to create a megaphone revolutionary, amazing, transforming buzz words in human language. Human language, of course, they did not need a decoder to understand!
Solemn, zoom-in-chief, elected by direct suffrage musical, said "the case concerns the public health of human beings, humanity to the work of its nutritional bumblebees but this issue also affects our health, our modest workers, workers in small shadow, so often the victims of toxic chemicals dumped in our countryside ... "

The "form of intelligence" bumblebees allow them to analyze human behavior. So they chose France as a ground for negotiations. And eight days before the date defined by common agreement, it was "unlimited general strike", with requirement of reserved forests, closed to all human beings.
That year was almost successful. Almost the global surplus of the previous year, almost spoiled in the immense cold storage, allowed the chain of major retailers that had an option to achieve record profits by selling to the radius "fresh fruit".
Of course, it's almost a different topic, but it is nevertheless for the accuracy of the information, open the parenthesis, and the report: one can not help suspecting that this option , was taken through the legendary friendship relations of the President of this economic giant with a founding member of the supervisory board of the United Nations ...
Close the parenthesis and return to our bumblebees.

The media of course the terrible curse weekend to freeze "ice saints" (all persons authorized to speak in the media remembered more clearly the lack of frost in this period).

Negotiations were difficult to fully deny the power of their nuisance. They were accused of cynicism, an accusation of a coup swept wing: "for millennia, did not you, humans, to be accused of cynicism ... if not we shall not we are launching in the face of such abuse ... "

So a meeting sealed the fate of this case. Naturally top secret meeting between representatives of the Supervisory Board of the United Nations. It was decided "to end" colossal premiums were allocated to producers in a few weeks to tear the trees "regularly victims of weather" and replace them with varieties not subject to various hazards. "

Scientists were obviously asked to design genetically modified trees ... which do not require pollination ... without forgetting to produce fruit three to four times bigger ...
Premiums increased profitability ... more producers are likely to vote and to vote for the governments in place ... This argument was able to convince some slight reticence ... we must never forget the possibility of a political benefit ... close this digression and return ...

As for drones and allies so that the human supremacy is never discussed in any case, they had the plan listed under the code "of the major aerosol night" ...
That night décollèrent aircraft of all countries of the supervisory board of the United Nations.
Representatives of other countries had not been informed ... on behalf of the precautionary principle policy: some feared a betrayal among the leaders of nations that remained derisory politically dangerous énergumènes "environmentally friendly" (as they had the indecency to appear).
6 hours and 17 states, were dumped on the planet hundreds of tons of a substance radical ... The "final solution" osa even in committee, the venerable man of State for this initiative ...

Yes, it was that day, an "unexplained way," Thousands of people died of an "asthma attack" ...
Scientists were naturally covered by their superiors, and even rewarded for "services to the planet" ... medals, prizes and trips ... they had to make a radical insecticide in record time ...
According to an "internal investigation" necessarily "top secret" (a "top secret internal investigation is still required), the incident would be the unpredictable nature of a product in a former nuclear power plant where some volatile elements would be involved in insecticide.

Like the swallows, there were a few songs into the disappearance of the bumble ... but they could not, of course, never exceed the family of the perpetrator.